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  • How do I book a trial class?
    You can find "Elevate Fight Lab" on the Vibefam app (available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store) and book a trial through the app! Alternatively, email info@elevatefightlab with your Name, Trial Preference (Muay Thai/Boxing), and experience level and we'll help you get started.
  • When are your trial sessions?
    We do not have a fixed trial class. Upon booking your trial class, one of our coaches will contact you to schedule your trial session depending on your previous Boxing/Muay Thai experience. Email us at if you have more questions.
  • How do I book classes?
    You can purchase a Class Pack or Membership through the Vibefam App. Once you've made your account and payment is confirmed, you'll be able to book classes through the app!
  • How far in advance can I book classes?
    All classes and open gym slots will be open for booking 14 days before the class dates. Please take note there will be a 30mins cut off time for booking of classes before a class commences.
  • I am a beginner with no experience. What can I expect?
    We assure quality sessions here at Elevate Fight Lab. If you do not have any experience to martial arts, our dedicated Coaches will schedule a trial session with you to ensure you receive the necessary foundation and best training possible.
  • I have a previous injury. Can I still train?
    We highly encourage students to be cleared by a doctor if they have a previous injury/surgery. You can also inform your coach of your previous injuries so that they can adjust your training accordingly!
  • What is your class cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your booking 3 hours before the class begins, otherwise your session will be forfeited. For members on Premium Access, your bookings will be suspended for 2 weeks if you have 3 late cancellations in one month.
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